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High Impact Systems

KeyMetrix is a multifaceted systems design and consulting company specializing in business solutions for manufacturers and distributors. Highly focused on productivity improvement, we design, develop and install innovative systems in all areas of operations, including: KeyTrack™, the premier Fast Response Systems for supply chain optimization.

KeyMetrix drives for improved profitability through advanced asset management including cost control/containment, reduced lead times, streamlined processes and inventory management.  Our solutions incorporate systems planning, design and implementation based on four key operational objectives:

  • Optimum customer service
  • Level employment
  • Economical operations
  • Optimum inventory investment

"KeyTrack FRS has united our entire supply chain and order fulfillment team into a highly energized and effective force in our industry. This product has been the leading technology that we had searched for in order to differentiate our products and service. After installation, we improved fill rates, reduced inventory by 25% and increased sales and market share significantly"

  • Robert M. Rymeski,
  • VP Operations
  • Hilco